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Tillers, also known as cultivators, are used for preparing soil in gardening and landscaping. Like any machinery, tillers may require replacement parts or maintenance to keep them in good working condition. The specific parts you need for a tiller depend on the brand and model of the tiller you have. Here's a list of common tiller parts you might need:

  1. Tines: Tines are the blades that do the actual digging and cultivating. They may wear out over time and need replacement. There are different types of tines, such as standard, counter-rotating, or forward-rotating, depending on the tiller's design.

  2. Belts: Tillers with belt-driven systems may require replacement belts, such as drive belts or transmission belts, if they become worn or damaged.

  3. Air Filters: Like all engines, tillers have air filters that need regular cleaning or replacement to ensure the engine gets clean air for combustion.

  4. Spark Plugs: Spark plugs need replacement periodically to maintain efficient engine performance.

  5. Oil: Tiller engines require oil changes. Be sure to use the recommended oil type and change it according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

  6. Fuel Filters: Some tillers have fuel filters that should be replaced at regular intervals to ensure proper fuel flow.

  7. Throttle Cables: If your tiller has a throttle control, the cable may need replacement if it becomes worn or if the throttle is not functioning correctly.

  8. Carburetor Parts: Carburetor repair kits, gaskets, and individual carburetor components may be necessary if you experience fuel system issues.

  9. Gaskets and Seals: Replacing gaskets and seals during maintenance or repair prevents oil and air leaks.

  10. Handles and Controls: Handles, grips, and control levers might need replacement if they become damaged or worn.

  11. Wheels: Some tillers have wheels or tires that may need replacement if they wear out or become damaged.

  12. Transmission Parts: If your tiller has a transmission (especially rear-tine tillers), there might be transmission-specific parts that require attention.

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