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China Shawer

China Shawer

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  1. Choose the Bottle: Select a plastic bottle with a screw-on cap that can hold a sufficient amount of water for your needs.

  2. Drill Holes: Using a drill, carefully create several small holes in the cap of the bottle. The number and size of the holes will depend on the water flow you desire.

  3. Attach Nozzle: If you have a small water nozzle or sprayer, attach it to the outside of the cap. Make sure it is securely fastened.

  4. Seal (Optional): To prevent leaks, you can apply waterproof sealant around the holes and the nozzle attachment point.

  5. Fill and Test: Fill the bottle with water, screw on the cap tightly, and then turn the bottle upside down. Squeeze the bottle to test the water flow from the nozzle.

  6. Adjustment: If the water flow is too strong or too weak, you can adjust it by modifying the size and number of holes or by adjusting the nozzle settings.


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