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Daewoo Hammer Demolition{1700}

Daewoo Hammer Demolition{1700}

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A demolition hammer, also known as a jackhammer or pneumatic hammer, is a powerful tool designed for heavy-duty demolition work, such as breaking through concrete, asphalt, rock, and other tough materials. It's commonly used in construction, renovation, and demolition projects where a significant amount of force is required to break or remove materials. Here are the main features and uses of a demolition hammer:


  1. High Impact Force: Demolition hammers deliver a high impact force, allowing them to break through hard surfaces effectively.

  2. Pneumatic or Electric: Demolition hammers can be pneumatic (air-powered) or electric, with electric models being more common for smaller projects.

  3. Interchangeable Chisels: These hammers often come with interchangeable chisel attachments that allow you to choose the right tool for the specific demolition task.

  4. Ergonomic Design: Many models are designed with features to reduce operator fatigue, such as anti-vibration technology, comfortable handles, and adjustable settings.


  1. Concrete Demolition: Demolition hammers are excellent for breaking up concrete floors, walls, foundations, and other concrete structures.

  2. Pavement Removal: They are used to break through asphalt and concrete pavement during road construction or repair projects.

  3. Rock Breaking: Demolition hammers are effective for breaking up rocks in excavation or landscaping work.

  4. Tile and Flooring Removal: These hammers can be used to remove old tiles, ceramic flooring, and other tough materials.

  5. Demolition of Walls and Structures: In renovation or demolition projects, they are used to demolish walls, remove old structures, and more.

  6. Chiseling and Chipping: Demolition hammers are also used for chiseling tasks, such as creating channels, chipping away mortar, and shaping materials.

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