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Dantri Black

Dantri Black

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A hand sickle, also known as a "datri" in some regions, is a simple agricultural tool designed for cutting and harvesting crops by hand. It consists of a curved blade attached to a short wooden or metal handle. The curved blade is sharp and typically serrated, allowing it to cut through plants, such as grains, grasses, or other crops, with ease. Hand sickles are commonly used in small-scale farming, gardening, and for various manual cutting tasks in rural and agricultural settings.

The design of the hand sickle allows for efficient and precise cutting of crops close to the ground. It is especially useful for harvesting grains like wheat, barley, or rice, as well as cutting grass for fodder. The curved blade helps gather the cut crops into neat bunches, making it easier for farmers to collect and process them.

Hand sickles are still used in many parts of the world, especially in areas with traditional farming practices or where mechanized equipment is not readily available. They are lightweight, affordable, and simple to use, making them an essential tool for smallholder farmers and gardeners.

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