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Sprikler Fan SeeSa

Sprikler Fan SeeSa

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This sprinkler has a maximum spraying area of 3,600 sq. ft. If you want to spray a larger area. It really is a powerful sprinklers for garden. It black nozzle on the three arm sprinkler can be adjusted from 45 to 90 degrees. The larger the angle, the smaller the spray distance. You can move the lawn sprinkler to the right place to spray various corners. When the lawn sprinkler is connected to the faucet with a hose, the faucet opens and the 12 different angle nozzles on the three-arm rotary sprinkler automatically spray the grass and plants on the lawn. It is suitable for grass irrigation, watering flower and vegetable gardens, and can also be used as an entertainment device, your children and pets will not feel hot when playing in the hot summer. It is simple and easy to use just connect the yard sprinkler directly and then fix the bottom to the grass. Turn on the faucet. You can do your things with peace of mind. Leave the watering to our sprinkler. Do more with less. The sprinkler head is made of high-quality ABS plastic to ensure durability and long use life. 


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